Issue 102 in svnbook: ch06: svnserve as a windows service under cygwin

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Fri Jul 8 14:42:31 CDT 2011

Comment #7 on issue 102 by ptbu... at ch06: svnserve as a windows  
service under cygwin

I can validate the suggestion, but with reservations.  It installs the  
cygwin provided svnserve binary as a service, but any attempt to  
communicate with the server with my own 1.6.17 build, trunk build, or  
Tortoise SVN nightly build results in:

svn: Can't connect to host 'localhost': No connection could be made because  
the target machine actively refused it.

The same thing happens even if I run it directly from the command line  
rather than as a service.

On the cygwin command line things are a bit better.  When running svnserve  
as a service I can access the repository via ra_serf sometimes, but  
frequently get this error:

$ svn log svn://localhost/svn-test-work/repositories/merge_tests-110
svn: Network connection closed unexpectedly

I haven't investigated these any further because of my primary reservation:  
The book currently makes no mention whatsoever about cygwin, so do we want  
to start now?  Can we get away with just a brief mention of the solution to  
this problem without a greater discussion of using cygwin?  I leave the  
answer to the long time authors...perhaps I am worried about nothing.

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