Issue 64 in svnbook: Mistakes in 'svn Subcommands' : 'svn status'

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Fri Jul 15 15:48:48 CDT 2011

Comment #4 on issue 64 by cmpil... at Mistakes in 'svn  
Subcommands' : 'svn status'

I think you're mentally lumping the local and remote status indication  
columns together.  The book says:

    The first seven columns ...

    The eighth column is always blank.

    The out-of-date information appears in the ninth column ...

As I said, there are seven *local status* columns.  The ninth column  
pertains to remote status, not local status.  The book is absolutely  
correct on this.

You are correct that the 'svn' 1.6.x binary's own built-in usage message is  
wrong, though.  I've filed in the Subversion  
project's issue tracker.

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