Issue 87 in svnbook: ch06: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

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Wed Jul 27 12:29:30 CDT 2011

Comment #27 on issue 87 by quinntay... at ch06: mention 'htdigest'  
tool when mentioning digest auth

You're quite welcome, thanks for your patience in working through the  

I updated my local copy, and see only a handful of places that could still  
use some tweaking. I can't recall whether these changes were in my earlier  
patch, or afterthoughts. Only one is really a grammar error, the others are  
suggestions. I recommend including a link to WebSVN, since both ViewVC and  
Trac are pretty cumbersome to set up. :-P  Diff (from trunk!) attached.

Many thanks!

	issue-87-cleanup.diff  2.9 KB

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