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Honestly, I removed the section because I couldn't
maintain it confidently.

After writing the original section for the 1.0 version of the book, I
was later told I'd explained explained some things incorrectly, that the
section was hard to follow, etc.  And that's to be expected -- I've
never really used the script myself, and certainly was no subject matter
expert on it.  Further, the script has never been an officially
maintained part of Subversion, hasn't (at this point) really been
touched or updated in 5+ years, etc.

What I perhaps should have done in the 1.8 book is left a mention of
script and pointer to it and its README file.  That way, at least, folks
have a starting point.  And I'm happy to re-add such.  But I don't feel
particularly compelled (or qualified) to write thorough documentation
for at this point, nor to try to work as much into the
larger vendor branch narrative of the chapter.

On 08/28/2013 10:49 AM, Pavel Lyalyakin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking at Vendor Branches section of SVNBook 1.7
> <> and
> comparing it with the same section of SVNBook 1.8 nightly
> <>. I'm a
> bit confused with the fact that the section about "
> <>" script had been removed and I don't see a
> solution for the case when source files layout had changed in vendor
> drops.
> It could be that my confusion is the result of the attempt to compare
> these sections of SVNBook 1.7 with 1.8 but I've tried to follow the
> step-by-step instructions in the nightly SVNBook (forgetting about 1.7
> version) and still consider that the section has more questions than
> answers
> <>.
> I guess that from reader's point of view, SVNBook 1.7 provides users
> with the complete solution / instruction that will allow to pick up
> deletions as well as additions, etc but SVNBook 1.8 is missing it. I
> see the hint about *||*"svn add --force"
> <>*| |*to
> pick up additions but what about deletions, for example?|| Am I
> overlooking something here?
> Thank you!
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> With best regards,
> Pavel Lyalyakin
> VisualSVN Team
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