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Wed Jun 29 14:34:24 CDT 2016

Revision: 5183
Author:   lyalyakin
Date:     2016-06-29 19:34:23 +0000 (Wed, 29 Jun 2016)
Log Message:
Follow-up to r5117, r5118, r5125.

* en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
  Use "access file" instead of "authz file".
  Grammar fixes.

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Modified: trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
--- trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	2016-06-29 19:13:49 UTC (rev 5182)
+++ trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	2016-06-29 19:34:23 UTC (rev 5183)
@@ -2842,25 +2842,25 @@
       <sect3 id="svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz.inrepo-authz">
         <title>Versioned In Repository Authorization Files</title>
-        <para>Beginning with Subversion 1.8, authz files can be stored
+        <para>Beginning with Subversion 1.8, access files can be stored
           inside a Subversion repository.  It is possible to store the
-          authorization file in the same repository to which the
+          access file in the same repository to which the
           access rules are being applied or another repository.  This
           approach enables versioning features of Subversion for
           the path-based authorization configuration.</para>
         <para>Both <literal>AuthzSVNAccessFile</literal> and
           <literal>AuthzSVNReposRelativeAccessFile</literal> configuration
-          directives allow to specify in-repository authorization file's location.
+          directives allow to specify in-repository access file's location.
           The directives accept absolute <literal>file://</literal> URLs
           and repository relative URLs (one which begins with ^/).</para>
         <para>For example, it is possible to specify an absolute URL to
-          in-repository authz file as shown in
+          in-repository access file as shown in
           <xref linkend="svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz.inrepo-authz.ex-1"/>.</para>
         <example id="svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz.inrepo-authz.ex-1">
-          <title>Using single versioned in repo authz file</title>
+          <title>Using single versioned in repo access file</title>
 <Location /repos>
   DAV svn
@@ -2870,12 +2870,12 @@
-        <para>You can also specify relative URL to in repository authz
+        <para>You can also specify a relative URL to an in repository access
           file as demonstrated in
           <xref linkend="svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz.inrepo-authz.ex-2"/>.</para>
         <example id="svn.serverconfig.httpd.authz.inrepo-authz.ex-2">
-          <title>Using per repository in repo authz files</title>
+          <title>Using per repository in repo access files</title>
 <Location /repos>
   DAV svn

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