[SGF FF[4] - Smart Game Format]

Amazons (GM[18])

For more information about Amazons contact Martin Mueller or have a look at gamerz.net. A strong Amazons program for Windows can be freely downloaded from Hiroshi Yamashita's page.


The default board size for Amazons is SZ[10].
The default start position for two player games is AB[dj][gj][ag][jg]AW[da][ga][ad][jd], unless there are setup properties in the root node (AB/AW/AE/AA). Then the start position is as described by those setup properties.

Point and Move types


The point type is specified by two lowercase letters.

[coordinates (TA2.gif)] Coordinate system for points and moves

The first letter designates the column (left to right), the second the row (top to bottom). The upper left part of the board is used for smaller boards, e.g. letters "a"-"m" for 13*13.

In FF[4] it is possible to specify board sizes upto 52x52. In this case uppercase letters are used to represent points from 27-52, i.e. 'a'=1 ... 'z'=26 , 'A'=27 ... 'Z'=52


A move is defined by three points.
  1. from - where to move from
  2. to - where to move to
  3. arrow - where to shoot the arrow
The point strings are concatenated in the property value.
Example: ;B[djddgd];W[addgad];B[gjehea]


Property:	AA
Propvalue:	list of point
Propertytype:	setup
Function:	Adding arrows to the board. This can be used to set up
		positions or problems.