Smart Game File Format FF[3]: Appendices


File Formats 1 to 3

There have been two revisions to the format. Files in current format should be tagged with FF[3] (FileFormat[3]). Old files should be tagged FF[1]. The intermediate FF[2] was not made public.


See Appendix A of Anders Kierulf's Ph.D. Thesis.

From FF[1] to FF[2]

BS, WS (BlackSpecies, WhiteSpecies): changed integer parameter:
old     new
 2        1
 3       -1
 other    0
 BS[1]  -> BS[0]
 WS[2]  -> WS[1]
 BS[3]  -> BS[-1]
Remark: In FF[2], -1 meant modem player, 0 human, 1 computer.

From FF[2] to FF[3]

Martin Müller,