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SGF FF[5] - Discussion (obsolete)

We are discussing FF[5]. This page gives an overview of the activity and proposals so far. This is just a sketch. I'm still working on a new layout for the FF[5] documentation.

Please note that I didn't include some points discussed in the mailing list. I didn't forget them. I just haven't come to good conclusions yet. The focus of this first draft is on gameinfo properties.

Some of the links within the property specifications don't work! I just made a copy & paste from the FF4 spec without removing those links.

Arno Hollosi, 1999-03-19

AnnouncementAnnouncement of FF[5] on sgf-std@onelist.com
Announcement of FF[5] on rec.games.go
Property setsSGF properties should be divided into sets
Value TypesChanged and new property value types
New and deleted propertiesNew properties to FF5 and properties no longer part of FF5
Root and Game InfoChanges to root and game info properties
RephrasingRephrased specifications and some examples (e.g. execute move).