[SGF FF[4] - Smart Game Format]
last updated: 2021-02-23

SGFC: SGF Syntax Checker & Converter

Current version: SGFC V2.0


SGFC is the reference implementation for the SGF FF[4] standard.
It's a command line tool for checking SGF files for correctness and correcting any errors. It also converts FF[1]-FF[3] files to FF[4].

SGFC is intended to be a tool for SGF experts, coders and maintainers of large SGF archives. You ought to have quite some knowledge of SGF to use SGFC efficiently.

SGFC was written primarily for Go/WeiQi/Baduk (GM[1]) files. It can't handle other games yet, i.e. it doesn't check any game-specific properties and values of other games than Go. It may even save errornous game-specific properties of other games! Use SGFC for other games with care.

Have a look at the README file for more information.

Web interface

A web interface to SGFC is available. This is useful if you just like to quickly test an SGF file without installing SGFC on your computer.

Source repository

The source repository can be found on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/arnoh/sgfc/


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