[SGF FF[4] - Smart Game Format]

Munch data through SGFC

This is a web interface to SGFC - the SGF syntax checker and converter.

You should have some basic understanding of SGF and sgfc itself.
Check out the sgfc README file.
Note: options -c, -i, -s are not available through this interface.

Step 1:   SGFC Options

  beginning of SGF is detected by (-b)
  a hard linebreak is (-l)
FF[3] compatibility
don't insert any soft linebreaks (-t)
write pass moves as '[tt]' if possible (-p)
expand compressed point lists (-e)
Disable warning messages (-w)
Disable message number (-d)

(comma separated list)
Delete stuff
delete markup on current move (-m)
delete empty nodes (-n)
delete obsolete properties (-o)
delete unknown properties (-u)
delete property (-y)

(comma separated list)
print game signature (Go GM[1] games only) (-g)
keep header in front of SGF data (-k)
correct variation level and root moves (-v)
reverse ordering of variations (-z)
enable more restrictive checking (-r)
show version number and help text (-h)

Step 2:   SGF Data

Step 3:   Start SGFC