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XGF - An XML Game Format (obsolete)

Here's a very early draft of XGF, an XML format for storing turn-based games.

Please note: this is a very early rough version. It is meant as a basis of discussion.
Do not use this in real applications! The specification is not final and will change without notice!

XGF - version 0.1 - 2002-04-07

XGF spec
ZIP file (ca. 100K)
HTML doc
Outer frame
Game of Go + basic types (>600K)
Sample file
xgf-test.xml (simplistic nonsense example, just to give you the basic idea)

Some points worth mentioning:

As for the file format: I reckon it might be a good idea to compress XGF files into ZIP files. Not only does this take less disk space, but also could other related files be included (e.g. images for players).

Note: Previously on this page there was another attempt of mine to create an XML file format. It was called SGFML. I keep it around for historic purposes. It is no longer maintained.

Comments, proposals, criticism welcome.
Arno, <ahollosi@xmp.net>