[SGF FF[4] - Smart Game Format]

SGF and SGFML counterparts

General properties

ID   Description     property type    SGFML V0.02 counterpart
---- --------------- ---------------  --------------------------------------
B    Black           move             <move move= side=>
BL   Black time left move             <move timeleft=>
BM   Bad move        move             <move annotate="BAD|VERYBAD">
DO   Doubtful        move             <move annotate="DOUBTFUL">
IT   Interesting     move             <move annotate="INTERESTING">
KO   Ko              move             -
MN   set MoveNumber  move             <move number=>
OB   OtStones Black  move             -
OW   OtStones White  move             -
TE   Tesuji          move             <move annotate="GOOD|VERYGOOD">
W    White           move             <move move= side=>
WL   White time left move             <move timeleft=>

AB   Add Black       setup            in <addstone>: <stone side=>
AE   Add Empty       setup            in <addstone>: <stone side=>
AW   Add White       setup            in <addstone>: <stone side=>
PL   Player to play  setup            <setup sidetoplay=>

AR   Arrow           -                <line type="ARROW">
C    Comment         -                <comment>
CR   Circle          -                <markup type="CIRCLE">
DD   Dim points      - (inherit)      <markup type="DIM">
DM   Even position   -                <annotate type="EVENPOS" emphasis= side=>
FG   Figure          -                
GB   Good for Black  -                <annotate type="GOOD" emphasis= side=>
GW   Good for White  -                <annotate type="GOOD" emphasis= side=>
HO   Hotspot         -                <annotate type="HOTSPOT" emphasis= side=>
LB   Label           -                <markup type="LABEL">
LN   Line            -                <line type="LINE">
MA   Mark            -                <markup type="MARK">
N    Nodename        -                <title>
PM   Print move mode - (inherit)      
SL   Selected        -                
SQ   Square          -                <markup type="SQUARE">
TR   Triangle        -                <markup type="TRIANGLE">
UC   Unclear pos     -                <annotate type="UNCLEARPOS" emphasis= side=>
V    Value           -                <value>
VW   View            - (inherit)      <markup type="VIEW">

AP   Application     root	      <application name= version=>
CA   Charset         root	      in <?xml ?> definition
FF   Fileformat      root	      <sgfml version=>
GM   Game            root	      <game type=>
ST   Style           root	      
SZ   Size            root	      <board size=>

AN   Annotation      game-info        <person role="ANNOTATOR">
BR   Black rank      game-info        in <person>: <rating>
BT   Black team      game-info        <team id=> plus <person team=>
CP   Copyright       game-info        <copyright>
DT   Date            game-info        <date> plus <dateitem>
EV   Event           game-info        <event>
GC   Game comment    game-info        in <gameheader>: <comment>
GN   Game name       game-info        in <gameheader>: <title>
ON   Opening         game-info        -
OT   Overtime        game-info        ?
PB   Player Black    game-info        <person role="PLAYER" side=> plus <name>
PC   Place           game-info        <place;
PW   Player White    game-info        <person role="PLAYER" side=> plus <name>
RE   Result          game-info        ?
RO   Round           game-info        in <event>: <round>
RU   Rules           game-info        <rules>
SO   Source          game-info        <source type=>
TM   Timelimit       game-info        ?
US   User            game-info        <person role="RECORDER" side=>
WR   White rank      game-info        in <person>: <rating>
WT   White team      game-info        <team id=> plus <person team=>

Go (GM[1]) specific properties

ID   Description     property type    property value
---- --------------- ---------------  --------------------------------------
TB   Territory Black -                <markup type="TERRITORY" side=>
TW   Territory White -                <markup type="TERRITORY" side=>

HA   Handicap        game-info        ?
KM   Komi            game-info        ?

Lines of Action (GM[9]) specific properties

ID   Description     property type    property value
---- --------------- ---------------  --------------------------------------
*AS  Who adds stones -                
*IP  Initial pos.    game-info        
*IY  Invert Y-axis   game-info        
*SE  Markup          -                
*SU  Setup type      game-info