Jeroen Ruigrok <>

r856638, r849044

r849044 | cmpilato | 2004-03-10 20:22:26 +0000 (Wed, 10 Mar 2004)

Finish issue #1719 (enhanced diff options for  

Complaint by patch by Jeroen Ruigrok <>, concept by me,
patch by Jeroen, compatibility code by me, review by ... you. :-)

Patch by: Jeroen Ruigrok <>

* tools/hook-scripts/mailer/mailer.conf.example
  (generate_diffs): New option.
  (suppress_deletes, suppress_adds): Deprecate these bad-boys.

* tools/hook-scripts/mailer/
  (generate_diff): Support the new option while continuing to deal
    with the old options.

r856638 | rooneg | 2005-10-07 03:09:31 +0000 (Fri, 07 Oct 2005)

Fix issue #2412.  The pollacc.c file no longer exists as part of APR,
so don't try to build it as part of the libapr visual studio solution.

* build/generator/libapr.vcproj.ezt: remove pollacc.c section.

Patch by: Jeroen Ruigrok <asmodai{_AT_}>