epg & kfogel


r29994 | epg | 2008-03-21 19:12:51 -0500 (Fri, 21 Mar 2008)

* CHANGES (1.5.0):
  - Note partitioning for large FSFS deployments.
  - Use the canonical form of all command names (e.g. s/mv/move/g).
  - Regroup and remove redundancies in new --force options.
  - Group scattered prop* commands together.
  - Remove outdated information about propedit and propset on URLs and
    add note that they now work on URLs.
  - Drop issue #2860 entry; 1.4 didn't support propedit URL at all.
  - Note log --xml --with-revprop .
  - Nearly all entries said "now"; add "now" where missing.
  - Reword a few entries for clarity.
  - Remove some redundant entries
  - Add some missing global-ignores changes, and move them all together.
  - Move HTTP User-Agent extensibility to Developer-visible section.
  - Clarify that issue #443 was specific to neon and serf.
  - Drop svnadmin verify -r bugfix; that option is new in this
    release, and noted elsewhere.
  - Add entry for better FSFS support for some buggy NFS clients (r29448).
  - Move gen_win.py entry to Developer-visible section.
  - Turn Bindings section into one line, as all four bindings had too
    many improvements to list.

Patch by: epg & kfogel