Michael S. Liebman <m-liebman@northwestern.edu>


r849389 | breser | 2004-04-10 22:12:20 +0000 (Sat, 10 Apr 2004)

Improve the formating codes used in svn_swig_pl_callback_thunk.  They
were using C types where they should have been using svn or apr types.
Helps with portability and fixes a problem on Windows.

Patch by: me
          Patrick Mayweg <mayweg@qint.de>
          Michael S. Liebman <m-liebman@northwestern.edu>
(This change is based on their patches.)

* subversion/bindings/swig/perl/libsvn_swig_perl/swigutil_pl.c
  (svn_swig_pl_callback_thunk): Change i format code to be apr_int32_t,
    Drop the l format code, Add a u format code for apr_uint32_t,
    Change L format code to be apr_int64_t, Add a r format code for
    svn_revnum_t, Add a b format code for svn_boolean_t, change U
    format code to use apr_uint64_t, add z format code for apr_size_t.
* (thunk_set_target_revision, thunk_open_root, thunk_delete_entry,
   thunk_add_directory, thunk_open_directory, thunk_add_file, thunk_open_file,
   svn_swig_pl_thunk_log_receiver, svn_swig_pl_thunk_history_func,
   svn_swig_pl_thunk_commit_callback, svn_swig_pl_thunk_simple_prompt,
   svn_swig_pl_thunk_ssl_client_cert_pw_prompt, svn_swig_pl_notify_func,
   svn_swig_pl_blame_func):  Use the new format codes when appropriate.

* (io_handle_read, io_handle_write): Drop the logic in these functions
  for detecting the size of apr_size_t and use the new format code that does
  this for us.