Michal Dobisek <michal.dobisek@polarion.com>

r865018, r864997

r865018 | kfogel | 2007-05-05 21:53:52 -0500 (Sat, 05 May 2007)

* www/links.html
 (clients): Fix URL in "Subversive" entry.
 (misc-resources): Add "SubTrain" entry.

Patch by: Michal Dobisek <michal.dobisek@polarion.com>
(Tweaked by me.)

r864997 | kfogel | 2007-05-03 13:00:11 -0500 (Thu, 03 May 2007)

Add some entries to the links page, and fix some alphabetization issues.

* www/links.html
  (clients): Add "Subversive" entry.
  (converters): Add "SVN Importer" entry.
  (high-level-tools): Add "FastTrack" entry.
  (browsers): Add "WebClient for SVN" entry.

Patch by: Michal Dobisek <michal.dobisek@polarion.com>
(I edited the new entries, and fixed existing alphabetization problems.)