Paul Dugas <>


r856402 | lundblad | 2005-09-28 20:07:31 +0000 (Wed, 28 Sep 2005)

Add "--copy-info" option to "svnlook changed" subcommand.

With this option, output for new entries in the repository created
using "svn copy" are prefixed with "A + " (the '+' used to be just
a ' ') and an additional line appears after it with the copyfrom

Patch by: Paul Dugas <>

* subversion/svnlook/main.c
  (svnlook__copy_info): Add enum entry for new option.
  (options_table): Add 'copy-info' option.
  (cmd_table): Add svnlook__copy_info to 'changed'.
  (svnlook_opt_state, svnlook_ctxt_t): Add copy_info field.
  (print_changed_tree): Add copy_info arg. Print copy info when option
   enabled.  Pass new arg in recursive calls.
  (get_ctxt_baton, main): Handle new 'copy_info' option.

* subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/
  (changed_copy_info): New test.
  (test_list): Run it.