Robert M. Zigweid


r1869194 | hartmannathan | 2019-10-31 03:20:02 +0000 (Thu, 31 Oct 2019)

Fix issue #1804: In, any SMTP error impedes later emails

Per SVN-1804, any SMTP error terminates with an unhandled
exception. The impact is that if the same invocation of
would have sent more emails, those that would have been sent after
the exception are silently lost.

To fix this issue, we handle SMTP exceptions. When an exception only
affects a particular email, such as invalid recipient, the error is
reported to stderr and execution continues to avoid losing any later
emails. In contrast, fatal SMTP errors, such as login with bad
credentials, terminate execution as before, but with some additional
reporting to stderr.

The script's exit code is zero if all emails were sent successfully,
nonzero if any SMTP error occurred.

* tools/hook-scripts/mailer/
  (MessageSendFailure): New exception class to signify non-fatal
    message sending failure. This is decoupled from SMTP to allow for
    future use with other (non-SMTP) delivery methods.
  (SMTPOutput.finish): Reimplement with exception handling and
    reporting to stderr.
  (Commit.generate, PropChange.generate, Lock.generate): Wrap contents
    of for-loop in try..except block to handle new MessageSendFailure;
    after the loop runs to completion, return nonzero if SMTP error(s)
  (main): Propagate return value of messenger.generate() to caller.
  (__main__): Exit nonzero if SMTP error(s) occurred.

Found by: Robert M. Zigweid
Review by: danielsh (partial review)