Richard Lewis <>

r860317, r860047, r860018, r858448, r852982, r852902, r851962, r851746

r851746 | xsteve | 2004-10-30 19:45:00 +0000 (Sat, 30 Oct 2004)

Various tweaks.

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
  (svn-status-use-history): Report the error when we chose a non-directory
  (svn-status-mouse-find-file-or-examine-directory): New command, bound
   to mouse-2: just like svn-status-find-file-or-examine-directory
  (svn-status-mark-deleted): New command ,bound to '* D' to mark files
   scheduled for deletion (similar to '* A' and '* M')
  (svn-status-mark-deleted): New command W bound to '* *' to mark files
   modifed and files scheduled for addition and files scheduled for
  (svn-status-bury-buffer): Bury the *svn-log* buffer

  Moved "Mark" and "Unmark" to the "Mark/Unmark" submenu
  Modified a few docstrings

r851962 | xsteve | 2004-11-13 19:47:59 +0000 (Sat, 13 Nov 2004)

Add the locked/switched/with-history column from the "svn st" output.

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:

  (svn-status-line-format): Add a new '%c' column for the "with history" mark
  (svn-status-locked-face): New face for writing "[ LOCKED ]" next to locked 
  (svn-status-switched-face): New face for writing "(switched)" next to 
    switched directories
  (svn-status-maybe-add-string): New helper function, used to add "LOCKED" and 
  (svn-parse-status-result): Record the other columns (locked/switched/
    with-history) from the output. Fix quoting of brackets on lines corresponding
     to "Performing status on external item at..."
  (svn-status-line-info->locked): New function to test if line-info is locked
  (svn-status-line-info->switched): New function to test if line-info is switched
  (svn-status-line-info->historymark): New function to test if line-info is 
  (svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer): Insert the "with-history" mark as a third 
    If the file is switched add "(switched)".
    If the file is locked add "[LOCKED]"
  (svn-status-commit-file):  Add a docstring
  (svn-status-parse-commit-output): Fix "end of buffer" error when commit output 
    contains blank lines

r852902 | xsteve | 2005-01-23 20:08:55 +0000 (Sun, 23 Jan 2005)

Some improvements for the *svn-status* buffer appearance.

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
  (svn-status-short-mod-flag-p): Add documentation, make it a user variable
  (svn-status-modified-external-face): Renamed to
   svn-status-update-available-face as it has nothing to do with
  (svn-status-line-info->modified-external): Renamed to
   svn-status-line-info->update-available, same reason as above. Add docstring.
  (svn-run-svn): Document effect of svn-status-edit-svn-command on ARGLIST
  (svn-run-svn): When svn-status-edit-svn-command is t, put existing
   arguments in the minibuffer
  (svn-status-parse-commit-output): local variable done is no longer
  (svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer): When user presses `_' do not add
   indentation (as a file's parent directory is probably not being
   shown), and add font-locking [the directory part of a name gets
   svn-status-directory-face, the rest gets svn-status-filename-face]
   Also make sure that marking a file hi-lites all the marks
   ("switched", "LOCKED") attached to that file
  (svn-status-update-buffer): Show count of elided files at the top of
   Also make the message say "... file(s) are hidden" to cover the
   case when just one file was marked/hidden
  (svn-status-line-info->directory-containing-line-info): New function,
   used in new code in svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer and
  (svn-status-directory-containing-point): Use
  (svn-status-commit-file): Add docstring

r852982 | xsteve | 2005-02-02 20:15:06 +0000 (Wed, 02 Feb 2005)

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
   Fixed some typos from revision 12828

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

r858448 | xsteve | 2006-02-07 21:25:39 +0000 (Tue, 07 Feb 2006)

Improved docstrings, added support to show symlink targets

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
      add docstring
      minor improvements to docstring
      Fix grammar in message, and improve docstring
      Support replacement of files [eg when an entry was a file but is
      repalced by a directory of the same name in the same commit]
  (svn-status-line-info->symlink-p): new function
  (svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer): Show target of symlinks
  (svn-log-edit-mode): dont run the svn-log-edit-mode-hook here, as
    define-derived-mode does it for us.

r860018 | xsteve | 2006-06-05 19:48:04 +0000 (Mon, 05 Jun 2006)

Handle ++psvn.state files for multiple working copies, add face for symlinks

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
  (svn-status-sort-status-buffer) fix \[...] in docstring
  (svn-status-symlink-face) New face for symlinks
  (svn-status) Set default directory when we call
    svn-status-load-state: otherwise running svn-status on a second wc
    fails to find the new ++psvn.state file
  (svn-process-sentinel) apply the elide list when we ahve finsihed
    running status; dont need to call set-buffer as
    svn-status-update-buffer already does this
  (svn-parse-status-result) Dont skip the "X external" line coming
    from a svn:externals, as otherwise, if we have nested svn:externals, the
    inner one can end up with no line at all in the buffer
  (svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer) show the actual target of the
    symlink, and give the symlink svn-status-symlink-face
  (svn-status-load-state) erase svn-trac-project-root,
    svn-status-elided-list, svn-status-module-name (otherwise the
    elided list contains every file ignored in every wc)
  (svn-status-toggle-sort-status-buffer) fix \[...] in docstring

r860047 | xsteve | 2006-06-06 20:04:40 +0000 (Tue, 06 Jun 2006)

Added support for merged/conflicted in svn-status-parse-update-output

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
    Allow action to be 'conflicted or 'merged, and dont clear the
    filemark and propmark in these two cases (it will be C and either M or already
    blank if the merged file no longer has mods)
    Cope with conflicted and merged files (this covers all
    output from svn up, at least in 1.3.1)

r860317 | xsteve | 2006-06-24 21:20:17 +0000 (Sat, 24 Jun 2006)

Added support for svn copy

Patch by: Richard Lewis <>

* trunk/contrib/client-side/psvn/psvn.el:
  (svn-status-mv): Just call svn-status-mv-cp
  (svn-status-mv-cp) new function to run either svn mv or svn cp
  (svn-status-cp): New function, bound to `C', runs svn copy (just
    calls svn-status-mv-cp
  (svn-process-sentinel): remove the 'mv stanza -- unused as we do not run
    `svn mv' asyncronously anywhere
  (svn-status-make-line-info): New function to create a line-info
    svn-status-directory-containing-point): Use svn-status-make-line-info
  (svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer): Cache the buffer position for a file
    entry in the svn-status-filename-to-buffer-position-cache hashtable
  (svn-status-get-file-name-buffer-position): Use the cached position