Sage La Torra <>

r25462, r25412, r25274, r25196

r25462 | djames | 2007-06-20 00:07:16 -0500 (Wed, 20 Jun 2007)

Update the WC layer to support custom notification callbacks.

* csvn/
  (__init__): Initialize notify function and baton.
  (set_notify_func, _notify_func_wrapper): New functions.

Patch by: me
          Sage La Torra <>

r25412 | djames | 2007-06-15 00:59:27 -0500 (Fri, 15 Jun 2007)

* csvn/ Add a skeleton WC class for accessing and modifying
  working copies. This class is far from complete but offers some
  useful functionality.

Patch by: me
          Sage La Torra <>

r25274 | djames | 2007-06-03 23:26:22 -0500 (Sun, 03 Jun 2007)

Move classes and functions which are unrelated to repositories out of and into separate modules.

Patch by: Sage La Torra <>

* csvn/, csvn/, csvn/
  (User): Move from to
  (SvnDate, LogEntry): Move from to
  (_LogMessageReceiver.receive, RemoteRepository.__init__,
   RemoteRepository.log, LocalRepository.__init__): Update
   references to moved classes.

r25196 | djames | 2007-05-29 18:25:53 -0500 (Tue, 29 May 2007)

Rename python classes to make their names more logical. The RemoteRepository
and LocalRepository classes allow direct access to repositories, but don't
allow access to working copies, so it makes more sense to call them
"repository" classes rather than "client" classes.

Patch by: Sage La Torra <>
(Tweaked by me)

* csvn/
  (ClientURI.__init__, ClientURI.join, ClientURI.dirname,
   ClientURI.longest_ancestor, RemoteRepository.__init__,
   RemoteRepository._abs_copyfrom_path): Rename ClientURI to RepositoryURI.
   Rename ClientSession to RemoteRepository. Rename LocalClient to
   LocalRepository. Adjust all callers.

  Adjust to use new names from