openssh-gpg -- old versions

Do not use these versions. They violate the IETF spec for encoding the keys and signature, and will not interoperate with proper versions.

However, if you really want to see them, the old versions are still here:

For the 0.8 era: if you want to use sxw's gssapi patches, get a virgin openssh tree, apply sxw's patches, and then use openssh-gpg-0.8.1-3.6.1p2-gssapi.patch after verifying the detatched signature openssh-gpg-0.8.1-3.6.1p2-gssapi.patch.asc

Otherwise, use openssh-gpg-0.8.1-3.6p1.patch after verifying the detached signature openssh-gpg-0.8.1-3.6p1.patch.asc

openssh-gpg-0.8-3.4p1-krb5.patch contains diffs against the Debian openssh-krb5-3.4p1 package. The file openssh-gpg-0.8-3.4p1-krb5.patch.asc is a detached signature. This version will fail with some undefined variables in sshconnect2.c if you try to build without GSSAPI support; you might change that #ifdef to say #if 1 if you really want to use this in that way.

Even old versions are openssh-gpg-0.7.patch, openssh-gpg-0.7.patch.sig, openssh-gpg-0.2.patch, and openssh-gpg-0.2.patch.sig.