Welcome to the home page of Pavel Roskin.


My PGP key
My e-mail: proski at gnu.org

All spam sent to this address will be reported through spamcop.net and may result in appearing the sending system in several popular blacklists.

I don't provide any support for any software or hardware by private e-mail. If you want to ask me for help, please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen.

Free Software

Linux driver for PLX9052 based PCMCIA-to-PCI bridges
Sirius theme for IceWM
There are many more projects I've been working on, but I had to remove them from this page to avoid making an impression that I'm solely responsible for them.

Other stuff

Collection of Intersil firmwares for Prism 2 and 2.5
The collection is not supported in any way. Support requests will result in its removal.