Siu Yuin's Early Years

Whatever it was, IT SURE WAS CAPTIVATING!!!

Name: Pang Siu Yuin

Place of Birth: Kallang Kerbau Hospital

Year of Birth: Tiger

Singapore is so small that many of its local residents would invariably write the name of the hospital in which they were delivered (Duh!!!) when asked for their place of birth on any forms instead of putting down name of city and country.   I was born some two decades ago in KK Hospital.   Born in the Year of the Tiger, I'm also a Capricorn.   Some friends think I'm more of a Rabbit than a Tiger.   There might be some truth to it.

In any case, I don't think I'll be divulging any of my sweet childhood memories but the smile below would give you an indication of happier times...

Nah!   Childhood wasn't so bad...there was the usual sibling rivalry and pillow fights with my brother...but in general I think I was quite adept at keeping myself amused with "pretending" games.   In keeping with the brutal honesty of these pages, I have admit that these pictures were taken when I was in a very good mood.   Which means to say that I wasn't always that angelic!