Warning!!!   Watch out for falling debris as this page is still under construction. Actually this warning will apply indefinitely since I am a hopeless procrastinator.


Hi Folks!!!

Finally...finally, the first edition of my home page on the WWW. For those who haven't been waiting for this day, you probably don't know me...:-) So, I guess I'll have to introduce myself.


I'll personally send a postcard to anyone who can correctly identify where the above picture was taken. :-) Send me an email.

(Sigh, perhaps I should start by informing you that my name is Siu-Yuin, and last name/surname is Pang. So my full name in the correct order is Pang Siu Yuin. In America, most people call me Siu. Most of my friends in Singapore, would know me as Xiuyun in hanyu pinyin.)

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I am in my junior year at Oberlin College, Conservatory of Music. Being a piano major means that I spend a large portion of my time in the practice rooms tinkering on the ivories. Errr...shall I say supposed to. The point is that if I were really that dedicated, you would never even see this homepage. (I mean, even if this homepage is an assignment for a class, I would not even choose to take the class in the first place.)

Home for me is in Singapore. The thing that I miss most about Singapore is the food.

To add to the randomness and confusion of my homepage, I have included a picture of Singapore's national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. orchid

You can see some uncommon images of Singapore taken from a book of photographs Singapore as I see it by Philip Little by clicking at the picture below.

I am one of the editors of the Singapore Internet Community. Do visit the sites and send us postcards.

Singapore Internet Community
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S'pore Footprints S'pore Esplanade


I was a student at Singapore Chinese Girls' School for 10 years. It was a small, cosy school in the heart of Emerald Hill Road, downtown, and very very close to Orchard Road. Sigh...those were the days... Too bad, there isn't an SCGS homepage yet. SCGS, for those who don't know, is an English school set-up in 1899 to educate girls from Straits Chinese families, hence the Chinese, in the name, it is not a Chinese school.

After my secondary school, I decided to go to Temasek Junior College because I was tired of getting out of bed early and taking an hour or more to get to school. Besides offering the Music Elective Programme, TJC was close enough for me to walk to school or take a feeder bus from the bus interchange. I did not stay very long in TJC because I got sick of going to school in a lizard green uniform everyday, and wearing that awful short skirt. (And some people even think that the SCGS uniform was ugly!!!)

I was a member of the Singapore Youth Orchestra from 1989-1993. I joined as a trainee member and was the principal oboist during the 1993 Japan tour where we participated in the Kumamoto International Music Festival. In addition to the oboe, I also played the piano, celesta, and bass drum at various times with the orchestra. ;-)

Since I have yet to compile my own list of favourite links, you would have to use my friends' pages for net-surfing. The Transitlinc site in Cafe Vanda is a good starting point. Another place that you can explore is Karl Fogel's Flies I Have Caught On The World Wide Web.

This online musuem is one of my favourite sites.... There are many cute pictures as well as some really good art to be found there. If you need to use the bathroom. you can visit the toilet there...;-)

Recently, I came across this rather...uhhh...progressive essay on English. Check it out!

If you'll like to drop me a fishing line or two, (a net would be helpful too), you can mail me at: