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Feasting in Singapore is a site that introduces dining in sunny Singapore. Singaporeans love hawker food centre. This article on Char Kway Teow might aquaint you with the importance of the food culture in Singapore. Makan Time in Singapore is a new web page that not only features S'porean foods and recipes but has other interesting resource links as well. Lastly, there is also a small but growing collection of local recipes at spices and other Asian foodstuffs by mail order?

There is also another interesting article on eating in Laos that you might want to read.

Below are some other Asian recipe food sites that you could visit

Stuart's Chinese Recipes - Has an extensive list of Chinese recipes.

Chinese and Japanese Recipes - There are quite a few recipes found here too.

FYNet's Collection of Malaysian Recipe - This is a really wonderful place...:-) yum yum...

Indonesian Recipes - Not very many recipes, but it's nevertheless satisfying.

Indian Recipes - A small collection of Indian recipes can be found here. Of note is the guide to spices.

Thai Recipes

Other recipe sites

Yahoo - Entertainment:Food and Eating - Includes a link Index - Uselessness of Food.

kimfood - A very good resource page.

The Recipe Archive - A resource page for a wide variety of food related topics.

Virtual Kitchen

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Internaut's Kitchen

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Recipe Archive Index

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