Siu Yuin's Internship Experience

   In the summer of 1995, I worked as a marketing intern at the Colorado Music Festival. I enjoyed living in a different part of America; the mountains in the area of Boulder are really beautiful. At the festival, I did EVERYTHING you could or could not think of. Although my main duties were mainly in the public relations area (writing press releases and dealing with the press,) I found myself selling T-shirts, handling development work, and eventually taking charge of the box office when Rachael (she's an Obie too!) took the day off. I even had to stand under the hot sun to direct traffic the day that there was a kiddie's concert back to back in the morning! Even though I was overworked, I was glad that I got to do so many things: through working at the box office, I got to know many of the townspeople.

   The next summer, I worked for a short while at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. I had a very enjoyable time there. Everyone was very friendly and I was treated like part of the family from Day 1. I split my internship between the Public Relations Department and the General Manager's Office. The most memorable event for me was the day that I volunteered to help with the Musical Petting Zoo at the symphony hall. I was responsible for demonstrating and teaching kids how to play the violin.  I did not realise how exhausted and hoarse I was until the entire event was over. It was all worth it to see the children's faces light up when they produced a sound from the instrument.  It reminded me of the good times I had teaching general music classes to elementary school kids.