On March 6, we had a big snow storm. The school parking lot was under 6-8 inches, so people shovelled all the snow to one side, made a hill about 6 feet high, then dug a hole in it. So now we got an igloo on the school parking lot. it's big enough for 2 people to sit inside.

Here is a picture of the igloo on the school parking lot, and here is a picture of me inside the igloo.

Some people use the igloo as a smoking room cos no smoking allowed in the school building.

Here is a picture of Dominic tickling himself, taken on March 10. A minute before we took this picture, both of them were doing the same thing side by side. When we went to get the camera bailey ran away.

Here are 2 pictures of D & B on the sofa with their zoo of animals. 1 2 (March 7)

On March 16 the weather turned suddenly warm and we went to a beach in Wilmette (or is it Winnetka? anyway it's along Sheridan Rd) for a walk. Look at this interesting picture. Normally in above-freezing weather the beach slopes down to the lake. In winter the lake freezes. That is truly an awesome sight that won't convey well in a photo because standing on the lake shore is just like looking at a picture! All the waves and ripples on the surface are just frozen still! Anyway here the ice shelf that formed is still standing between the beach and the lake. On this day it was warm enough to walk around with short sleeves, but if you walk on to the ice bare foot, it's still freezing. Here is another shot showing the ice mound rising above the lake level.

Back at home, the same day. This shot shows little boys in proportion to daddy's size.

March 21, Dominic and Bailey's 2nd birthday. One shot with mummy, one shot with daddy.
Daddy explaining to little boys all about candles. Here, Dominic is figuring out this new candle stuff, while Bailey is looking to the prompter. Focusing intently on the candle, making a birthday wish?!

On March 22 I bought a workbench. As soon as it is through the door, the little boys are on top of the crate.