Re: cvs2cl bug status

From: Martyn J. Pearce <>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 08:04:10 GMT

Hi Rob,

I'm afraid that it's still outstanding. Remarkable paucity of tuits :-(


On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 10:58:34AM +1000, Rob Waldie wrote:
> Hi Martyn,
> What's the status of the bug attached below? (from BUGS.mbox)
> Cheers,
> Rob.
> -- 8< --
> Hi,
> Thanks for cvs2cl. I'm using it to generate changelogs for our various
> branches of development. What would make it better for me is if it
> listed only the revisions occurring on a branch, not ancestors to the
> branch. I've been able to get it to give me something like that with
> the following command:
> -F latestr7-4 --log-opts "-rr7-4 -rlatestr7-4"
> ("r7-4" is the branch-point-tag and "latestr7-4" is the sticky branch
> tag)
> But what would really help is if it only showed changes after the
> branch-point-tag, not the first revision to be branch-point-tagged. The
> reason is,
> many files haven't been changed for a long time. But when you create a
> branch point, you tag the latest revision, even if it's ancient. So the
> branch-point revision isn't interesting. When you're generating a log
> of the changes that ocurred on a branch, it's changes after the
> branch-point that matter.
> Any chance of adding this kind of functionality to cvs2cl?
> Aaron
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