cvs2cl bug status

From: Rob Waldie <>
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 00:58:34 GMT

Hi Martyn,

What's the status of the bug attached below? (from BUGS.mbox)


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Thanks for cvs2cl. I'm using it to generate changelogs for our various
branches of development. What would make it better for me is if it
listed only the revisions occurring on a branch, not ancestors to the
branch. I've been able to get it to give me something like that with
the following command: -F latestr7-4 --log-opts "-rr7-4 -rlatestr7-4"

("r7-4" is the branch-point-tag and "latestr7-4" is the sticky branch

But what would really help is if it only showed changes after the
branch-point-tag, not the first revision to be branch-point-tagged. The
reason is,
many files haven't been changed for a long time. But when you create a
branch point, you tag the latest revision, even if it's ancient. So the
branch-point revision isn't interesting. When you're generating a log
of the changes that ocurred on a branch, it's changes after the
branch-point that matter.

Any chance of adding this kind of functionality to cvs2cl?

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