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FOP Developer FAQ




1. General Questions

1.1. How can I contribute?^

There are many ways that you can help:

  • You can help us implement missing features that are needed in order to comply with the standard. See the Standards Compliance for more details.
  • You can help us address bug reports. See bugzilla for more information.
  • You can help support our user base by answering questions on the fop-user mailing list.
  • You can help us document FOP better.

2. Documentation

2.1. How do I get the javadocs for FOP?^

Currently, the only way to get FOP javadocs is to Download the source code and then Build FOP using the ant build task "javadocs".

3. Further Help

3.1. I don't see my question addressed here. Are there other FAQs?^

Yes. See also the FOP General FAQs.