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FOP API Documentation (javadocs)


On-line Access (through Gump)

FOP (and many other Apache projects) use Apache Gump to do a test build several times each day. One of the useful byproducts of this process is that javadocs can be created and made available.

First, determine which line of development code you wish to see. If you don't know, you probably want the "Maintenance Branch", which is the line that currently produces FOP releases. See Development Lines for more details.

Javadocs for both development lines are made from current CVS code, and are not tied to any particular release. Both the documentation and the API may be different, even if you are working with the correct branch. Currently, the only way to obtain API documentation for a specific release is to build it yourself.
If the links return an "Object not found!" message or otherwise do not work properly, it is probably because of a build error. Please raise a question on the fop-user mailing list so that any problems can be fixed before the next build.

Building them Yourself

See Source Download for instructions on obtaining the source code. Then see Building FOP for instructions on running the build process. The Ant build target that you will use to generate the API documentation is "javadocs", and the results will be stored in xml-fop/build/javadocs.