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General Information

Before posting questions to any list:

  • Review the Jakarta Mailing Lists - Guidelines for general principles about mailing lists.
  • Review "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way".
  • Send only plain text email messages to any mailing lists. Please do not send html or rtf email, as they do not work well with the archive engines. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this setting can be found at the "Mail Format" tab of the Tools/Options menu.
  • Use a mail client that respects the References and/or In-Reply-To mail header entries. This is important for mail clients that can display threads as trees. Compliant mail clients include Microsoft Outlook, Becky!, KMail, Apple Mail, Ximian Evolution, Mozilla (version 1.2 or greater). Non-compliant mail clients include Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Internet Mail Service (MUA or MTA), and dtmail.

For help in understanding email acronyms, see the Lingo2Word Acronym List, or the Keno Internet Services Internet Glossary.

FOP User Mailing List

Use this forum to discuss topics of interest to FOP users.


To review the archives, you have several options:

Subscription Information

Submitting a Question

FOP support is primarily self-service. The FOP User Mailing List serves as a backup to the self-service documentation for cases where either the documentation is deficient or where users have unusual circumstances. FOP developers and users are happy to help answer questions that are appropriate to the forum (i.e. FOP-specific), and that are submitted after appropriate preparation. To ensure that your question is not abusive of this policy, please use the following checklist:

  • Have you followed the Getting Help checklist? If not, please do so before submitting your question.
  • Is your question appropriate to the forum? If it is really an XSL-FO question, XSLT question, or PDF question, please see the other resources on this page that are intended to help you get those questions answered.
  • Have you read Mailing List General Information? If not please do so before proceeding.
  • Have you stated the version of FOP you are using? Please do so.
  • Have you included any detailed error messages? Please do so.
  • Does a proper understanding of your question require inclusion of XSLT code, DocBook source, or other semantic XML? If so, the question is almost certainly not appropriate to this list. In general, the only input documents that are appropriate on this list are XSL-FO snippets. See Running Xalan for instructions about capturing the XSL-FO document that is actually submitted to FOP. If you haven't examined the XSL-FO document yourself, then you are not yet prepared to formulate a FOP-specific question.
  • If you are providing one or more XSL-FO snippets:
    • Have you reduced them to the shortest possible complete, self-contained document that demonstrates the problem? Please do so.
    • Have you removed images that are not an integral part of the question? Please do so.
    • Have you filtered out confidential material? Please do so.
  • If you are including a stack trace:
    • Is it helpful in finding the problem? If not, please do not submit it.
    • Have you included only those portions that are relevant to the question? If not, please do so.
  • Are you attaching large PDF files or screen shots to your message? If so, please consider attaching a minimal, appropriate B&W GIF, JPG or PNG that conveys the necessary information instead.

XSL-FO Mailing List (at W3C)

Use this forum to ask general XSL-FO questions.

XSL-FO Mailing List (at YahooGroups)

Use this forum to ask general XSL-FO questions.

XSLT List (Mulberry Tech)