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Current Status of FOP


[last updated 20th November 2002]

Planning and branches of FOP development

This is the development status of FOP. A branch has been created for maintenance releases while the development is done to address various performance and design issues.

Development Status

Development for 1.0DR1 is addressing the design issues for layout and performance. The new design focusing on making it possible to be conformant to the spec and be able to handle large documents. The development effort is roughly 50% towards a developers release.

The developers release should have the following: similar functionality to previous FOP releases, a rough API and a suitable design for developers to work on more functionality.

The timing of these events depends on progress made so it is not possible to predict any dates.


fop.jar1,962 kb
hyphention (in fop.jar)717 kb
batik.jar2,164 kb
bsf.jar106 kb
xalan.jar883 kb
xerces.jar1,809 kb

Lines of code using "find . -iname "*.java" | xargs cat | wc -l"

org.apache.fop.fo.*13186 (20%)
org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.*7913 (12%)
org.apache.fop.area.*3722 (5.5%)
org.apache.fop.render.*8210 (12%)
org.apache.fop.pdf.*9481 (14%)

Files using "find . -iname "*.java" | wc -l"

org.apache.fop.fo.*125 (28%)
org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.*35 (8%)
org.apache.fop.area.*37 (8%)
org.apache.fop.render.*39 (9%)

Maintenance Status

Latest maintenance release will be FOP 0.20.5 on TBA. See release notes for more details. Releases will be made periodically to address minor bugs and compatibility.


fop.jar1,992 kb
hyphention (in fop.jar)746 kb
batik.jar2,119 kb
bsf.jar106 kb
xalan.jar1,007 kb
xercesImpl.jar813 kb
xml-apis.jar112 kb

Lines of code using "find . -iname "*.java" | xargs cat | wc -l"

org.apache.fop.fo.*14660 (21%)
org.apache.fop.layout.*7154 (10%)
org.apache.fop.render.*16260 (23%)
org.apache.fop.pdf.*7938 (11%)

Files using "find . -iname "*.java" | wc -l"

org.apache.fop.fo.*122 (31%)
org.apache.fop.layout.*49 (12%)
org.apache.fop.render.*48 (12%)
org.apache.fop.pdf.*50 (13%)