Want to translate it into chinese

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Thu May 5 19:09:38 CDT 2005

EclipseCN wrote:
> Hi,friends,
> I come from china, and want to translate "Version Control with
> Subversion" into chinese. Hope you can approve.


Sorry for the delay in replying - our book translation co-ordinator retired 

Excellent, we welcome translations. We suggest that translations be 
undertaken by a team of two or more people, both because the book is quite 
large, and so that they can review each other's work. Another potential 
Chinese translator contacted the list today - perhaps you can collaborate.

> BTW, I also want to post
> the chinese version on my website,can I do it.

Read the book license here: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ape.html


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