Query about Japanese Translation

Tetsuto Teddy Nishiyama tnishi at ari.ncl.omron.co.jp
Sun Jan 29 18:39:11 CST 2006


Thanks for the info.  I will definitely try to find some time
to join the list below and share what very little information
I have.


It seems there was some discussion about a year back within
the Japanese Subversion mailing list about getting an official
translation up on the Red-Bean HP but it seems they were having
some trouble getting the necessary people to take on the

It may take some time, but let me try to find some time to join
the Japanese list, see what's going on there.

I'll report back when and if there's some action.


Tez Kamihira wrote:
> Hi cmpilato, Teddy,
> Teddy: See below
>   http://arch.bluegate.org/pipermail/subversion-jp/2005-February/000267.html
>   http://arch.bluegate.org/pipermail/subversion-jp/2005-February/000270.html
> If you'd like to take the work over, I'd like you to subscribe
>   http://arch.bluegate.org/mailman/listinfo/subversion-jp
> first and talk about the issue with Japanese folks. The above list is
> not "official" in any meaning, but there are many Japanese folks and
> we can avoid any kind of confusion.
> Cheers,
>     - Tez
> On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 01:39:12 -0500, "C. Michael Pilato" <cmpilato at red-bean.com> said:
>>[Cc:ing Tez Kamihira]
>>I was certainly unaware of this translation.  I knew that a Japanese 
>>publisher had printed a book based on the Docbook XML sources we wrote, 
>>but didn't realize that someone had undertaken an open-source, digital 
>>Tez:  While I can't read a lick of Japanese, it's fantastic that you've 
>>undertaken a translation of the Version Control with Subversion text (as 
>>well as several other Subversion-related texts, anti-FUD documents, 
>>etc.).  Would you be willing to move your translation sources into the 
>>svnbook Subversion repository and allow us to host your translation at 
>>svnbook.com?  I would really love to include your work in our tree.  As 
>>an alternative -- if you don't want to make such a move -- would you be 
>>willing to create and maintain an index.jp.html file for the svnbook.org 
>>website that linked to your subversion.bluegate.org-published translation?
>>Tetsuto Teddy Nishiyama (work) wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>My name is Teddy Nishiyama, writing from Japan.
>>>Sorry if this is the wrong place to post (I just joined),
>>>but I was wondering if any of you were aware of the
>>>Japanese translation of the Subversion book done by
>>>Tez Kamihira?  Maybe someone here is familiar with him?
>>>His translation can be found here:
>>>My friend, Jim Blandy, had suggested the possibility of
>>>my starting a Japanese translation project, but when I
>>>did a search I came upon this translation which Jim
>>>was not aware of so he directed me here.
>>>I did a very quick scan of the translation and it looks
>>>to be complete and it seems that Tez is maintaining the page
>>>regularly with the most recent update being December 26,
>>>If anyone here is aware of this translation, I was
>>>wondering if there were plans (if any) to include
>>>this translation on the Subversion book page that you
>>>have at red-bean?  ...and if not, what we can do to get
>>>it included (if there's interest of course).
>>>Thanks and Regards,
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>>>svnbook-dev at red-bean.com

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