Advance praise for VCWS2e

Malte Helmert helmert at
Wed Sep 3 21:28:36 CDT 2008

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> For those of you who have the original printed copy of "Version Control with
> Subversion", you might recall seeing a page near the front of the book for
> "advance praise" of the book itself.  (Other O'Reilly books -- indeed, other
> books from many publishers -- carry the same thing.)  Anyway, O'Reilly has
> contacted Ben, Fitz and myself in an attempt to harvest advance praise for
> the second edition of the book.  And so I'm forwarding that request off to
> you -- the Subversion user, book reader, potential praise-giver.
> If you've read the 1.5 version of the book (which is available via the
> nightly build[1] links on our website), and you have positive things to say
> about it, please let us know in the next couple of days by emailing
> svnbook-dev at with your name, any company affliation you might be
> praising on behalf of (which is not required, by the way), and your email
> address.  You don't even have to include the praise itself if you don't want
> to.  I'll forward your information off to the O'Reilly production editors
> and their team, who I believe will then contact you about possible inclusion
> of your advanced praise in the printed second edition.

I would definitely love to praise the book if desired.
It's very worthy of praise. :-)

name: Malte Helmert
affiliation: University of Freiburg, Germany
email: this one (helmert at



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