Issue 81 in svnbook: ch04: Update feature branches from trunk

svnbook at svnbook at
Sun Jul 24 06:59:35 CDT 2011

Comment #5 on issue 81 by bug... at ch04: Update feature branches  
from trunk

Sorry, your response seems to be ignoring parts of the original issue text  
(including the proposal for phrasing the particular part) and the  
respective SO link.

In terms of your response: certainly the former. Not only it is not helpful  
but it is misleading and caused damage for some. In an organization of many  
developers using SVN, it is unrealistic to merge all whole bunch of trunk  
revisions (everybody else's revisions) onto every feature branch. The  
phrasing suggested above both explains the feature branch use and suggests  
a way to work with them which is better: FB is not like a working copy.

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