Craig Brozefsky

An Introduction

Thursday, Jun 10, 2010

I am the descendant of apes, born into a life during wartime. Pressing my marks into the clay tablets, I continue the ancient tradition of deductive divination from dreams as a professional programmer.

Unfortunately, the physical substrate we now use for encoding and decoding dreams is laced with heavy metals. At least clay tablets could be safely used as landfill. Such is the hubris of homo sapiens sapiens in the pursuit of knowledge.

The rising sun finds me in Portland, Oregon or Chicago. I follow its path across the sky going from cafe to bar with my bike and laptop, hacking with my co-workers and friends at Matasano Security. If I am a good hacker, and sometimes even if not, I enjoy delicious beers as my reward. In this way, life moves through me.

An outlet was needed

I have re-organized my personal website to include a blog, so I have a place to post my rants and thoughts which are currently shoehorned into Facebook threads or a few small mailing lists.